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And you where you thought you'd be?


I for one am not. If anyone would have told me even ten years ago that today I’d be a stay at home mom to three boys, I would have thought they were crazy. Don’t get me wrong ten years ago I knew I wanted to be a mom but I never would have guessed I would have three wonderful little boys.


Addies Zoo


Addies Zoo

Shawn did such an amazing job making this for Addie




Top Ten 2013 Home Decorating Trends


Let me start by saying that the word trendy does not mean that you lack imagination,creativity, or need to use your credit card . It just means some things are so great that everyone should give them a try. As easy as it is to be a part of the "black & white" fashion movement that is going on right now (especially for us New Yorkers), it is simple to incorporate many new and exciting design ideas into your home. Here is a list of my "Top Ten 2013 Home Decorating Trends."

Confronting Our Prejudices


Lately I have been asking myself why my own daughters’ behavior is evoking certain visceral and emotional responses in me.  It was difficult to admit, but I realized that I am facing a lifetime of my own prejudices, stereotypes and judgments about others by the way I am reacting to my own children – not by what I overtly say aloud, but by how I am feeling inside and certain cognitive experiences, as well.

5 Tips on Helping Your Autistic Child Enjoy Holiday and Birthday Parties



Hello there!  I am Ashley from PioneerMomma.com, and I am so excited to be able to guest post with Haleystar's blog at mommybloggerdirectory.com.  A little about myself first, I am a mom and part time nurse who has decided to uproot our family for the simpler life in Alaska.  I enjoy writing about our recipes, crafts, research, and pretty much anything to do with us moving towards self sufficiency in the Last Frontier.  Feel free to stop by and chat with us, I love to hear all of your ideas and comments!

Makes the most of baby food making


Makes the Most of Baby’s Health and Your Time and Money

Mommies: As Elite as the CIA......well, almost!


Mommies: As Elite as the CIA...well, almost!

Baby Navel Protectors and Belly Binders


Baby Navel Protectors and Belly Binders

  Baby belly binders have changed since their inception in the 1800’s.  The evidence of their usefulness is that binders have been used throughout the world for centuries. Today, most binders are used for colic.